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Saturday, 14 August 2010 17:34

courtesy : Mr. Eng Lam Seng




Hokkien Mee Soup is a sumptuous, mildly spicy and tangy soup.



250gm rice vermicelli;soaked and drained.
250gm yellow noodle;partly boiled and drained
100gm spinach(with stem);cut into 3cm length
250gm bean sprouts;tails removed
2 teaspoon oil
300gm shrimp;remove shells/leave tail on
9 cups water(for shrimp stock)
150gm coarse ground fresh red chillies
salt to taste
2 tofu squares;fried and cubed
sufficient water to blanch


Method of preparation:

Pour sufficient water into a pot. Boil. Add rice vermicelli, yellow noodles, bean sprouts and spinach. Blanch. Drain and set aside. Heat oil in a wok. Fry ground red chillies on low flame till the smell is fragrant. Set aside. Pour 9 cups of water in a pot .Add shrimp and salt. Boil till the shrimp is cooked. Next, add 1/2 the amount of fried red chillies into the pot. Simmer. In serving bowls, put the blanched (rice vermicelli, yellow noodles, bean sprouts and spinach) ingredients. Ladle hot soup and cooked shrimps into the bowls. Sprinkle the remaining fried red chillies into the soup as desired. Add fried tofu cubes. Serve.


Note : To control hotness of the soup adjust the number of fresh red chillies

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