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Monday, 20 June 2011 10:39

courtesy:Mrs.Kantheruby Venkatraman.

Tairu saadham is another dish that is alternatively served on Vegetarian Fridays.
The taste of the rice is savory;sour and a bit spicy,yet a little tart.Serve as a main
course with stir fried vegetables.


2 cups rice(14oz);cooked and set aside*
*see cooking notes on how to cook rice.
1 large onion;sliced
3 dried red chillies;tear into pieces
1 stalk curry leaves;stripped(20 leaves)
1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
2 cups(14oz) plain yogurt;preferably organic
salt to taste.

Method of preparation:

Heat oil in a wok.Add onion,curry leaves,dried red chillies and mustard
seeds.Saute till the onion is golden brown.Next,add salt and the plain
yogurt.Stir.Bring the yogurt sauce to a boil.Turn down the flame to low.
Then, add the cooked rice.Mix thoroughly and stir to a thick porridge like
consistency.Serve hot as main course with stir fried vegetables.

Adjust the amount of yogurt and dried red chillies to control the sourness/
tartness and hotness respectively.

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