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Friday, 24 June 2011 10:05

courtesy:Pn.Patra Salleh


Dodol is a brown creamy confection made of rice flour,glutinous rice flour,
dark brown sugar and coconut cream/milk.Dodol is normally made for
festivals and weddings.It is a little time consuming  to make but the melt in
the mouth taste make it worthwhile the effort.Serve with coffee or tea.

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2 liters coconut cream;no additives. OR 12 fresh coconuts.*
*see cooking notes for more info.
1 fresh coconut; grated.(obtain 6 cups coconut milk)
1.8kg glutinous rice flour
300gm rice flour
3.6kg brown sugar(dark variety)
1.5liters water
4 pandan (screwpine )leaves;knotted

Method of preparation:
Pour the 2 liters coconut cream into a jug.Set aside.In another jug pour
the coconut milk .Set aside.In a large bowl,mix the glutinous rice flour
and rice flour.Pour the coconut milk into the mixture slowly to make a
smooth batter.Pour the batter into  a large wok.In another wok,add the
brown sugar,pandan leaves and 1.5liters water.Boil till the sugar is
dissolved.Pour the sugar solution into the wok containing the flour mixture
batter.Mix well.Stir over low heat till about half cooked.Next,pour in the
coconut cream.Still on low flame stir continuously till the dodol is thick
and shiny.The dodol is done when it does not stick to the finger (upon
poking).Scoop into a pan lined with banana leaf.Let it cool.Slice and
serve with coffee or tea.

1.Lining banana leaf on the pan will impart a nice aroma to the dodol.
2.Dodol will last several weeks,refrigerated.
3.To make a smaller batch,reduce ingredients portion accordingly.

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