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Saturday, 14 August 2010 16:40

courtesy : Pn. Patra Salleh




Ghee Rice (Nasi Minyak) is normally made for weddings and festivals. A fragrant, slightly buttery and nutty tasting rice. It is served with curry or sambal and Pachidi Salad *(cucumber and pineapple salad).



2 cups (14oz) Basmati rice
6 cloves garlic;chopped                        )
1 red onion;diced                                   ) grind into paste
2 stalks lemongrass shoot;chopped )
1in ginger;shredded                              )
3 tablespoon ghee
1/2 tin evaporated milk
2in cinnamon strip
4 or 5 cardamom;dry roasted
1/4 cup cashew;   dry roasted
1/4 cup almond;dry roasted
1/4 cup raisins
2 small rock sugar chunks
salt to taste
sufficient water to cook rice


Method of preparation:

Put rice into a pot. Pour water. Rinse rice till the water is clear. Drain. Set rice pot aside. In a wok, heat some ghee. Fry the ground paste till the smell is fragrant. Set aside. Dry roast almond, cardamom and cashew(separately). Set aside. Into the rice pot, in addition to the washed rice add the remaining ghee, evaporated milk, salt, rock sugar chunks and cinnamon. Next add the fried paste. Mix well. Pour water to 1 1/2in above the rice level. Half cover the pot. Cook on medium heat till all the liquid has been absorbed by the rice. Cover the pot fully and lower the heat momentarily. Then turn off the heat and let the steam cook the covered rice for 10 minutes. Uncover. Run a fork to loosen rice grains. Add the roasted nuts and raisins. Mix well. Serve with curry or sambal and Pachidi Salad (cucumber and pineapple salad).


*refer to recipe

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