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Saturday, 14 August 2010 17:13

courtesy : Pn. Raja Norzaini Raja Abdul Aziz




Ikan panggang is a delicacy found in fishing kampungs (villages). Easy to make, tasty grilled spiced fish. Serve as appertizer with sauce dip or with; white rice and curry.



4 or 5 mackerel or trout;cleaned and scored on both sides
300ml coconut cream;no preservatives
3 tablespoon chilli paste
4 or 5 tamarind pulp;mix with a little water and strain
salt and sugar to taste
4 small red onions;sliced         )
3 cloves garlic                       )  grind 
1/2cm galangal                     )
1 stalk lemongrass;chopped    )


Method of preparation:

Rub salt on both sides of fish. Light a grill. Do not use starter fluid. In a pot mix the ground ingredients, coconut cream, chilli paste, tamarind juice, salt and sugar. Heat on medium flame till the sauce thickens. Save some sauce as dip. Next arrange the fish on the grill. Grill the fish till it is about half cooked. Then apply a layer of sauce. Grill a bit. Turn the fish over. Apply a layer of sauce. Repeat till the fish is fully cooked. Serve the fish hot with dip or with; white rice and curry.

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