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Saturday, 14 August 2010 17:27

courtesy : En. Roaini Arrifin




Roti Chanai(Canai) is considered the national bread of Malaysia. It is a flaky toasted bread that is served with curry, dhal or sambal.



600gm plain flour
1 tablespoon salt
1 cup warm water
1 cup ghee(or oil)
1/2 teaspoon sugar


Method of preparation:

Sieve flour into a bowl. Add salt, sugar and water. Mix well. Knead till the dough no longer sticks to the hand. Knead till the dough is elastic. Divide into 8 portions (in small ball shape). Brush with ghee. Put inside bowl and cover with damp towel for 4 hours (preferably overnight). Take one portion. Spread a little ghee and flatten with hands. Pick up flattened dough by the edges and swirl in circular motion on an oiled board (a la pizza dough); till the dough stretches membrane like. (Practice with a wet tea towel). Fold dough into a square. Then roll it into a ball again. Flatten. Repeat the swirl two more times.(It will trap more air and make the roti fluffy). On the final swirl fold the dough into a square. Apply some ghee on a griddle. Toast the dough. Keep turning till it has browned. Apply a thin layer of ghee on the roti for the final toast. Remove. Let the roti cool down a bit; then compress between the palms to fluff it. Chop. Serve hot with curry, dhal or sambal.


Note : The roti can be toasted with a variety of fillings(partly cooked/easily cooked). For example eggs, onion or canned sardines.Put the filling in the middle of the stretched out dough.Let it cook. Then, fold and toast as usual

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